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Habitually Good is a Black Woman owned, small business based in Oakland, CA that arose from the need to let go of the pressures of wellness equating to perfection and self care meaning grand gestures we rarely have time for.

What about all the important little things we can do? The day to day things like staying hydrated, getting sunlight, knocking ya favorite hip-hop/ R&B track, eating something that truly feeds your body + mind, and sleeping. Yep, that thing people do… sleep. But when you're either building your career, starting a business, raising children and leading busy lives, these things easily become challenging.

It’s time to flip the script. It’s time to recognize all the efforts to take steps forward, backward, sideways (whichever way you want to call it) are all a part of our journey to just be as good as we possibly can. The fast paced work doesn’t make it easy. But dammit, don’t we keep trying?

That’s what counts.

That’s what keeps us moving forward.

That’s what makes us Habitually Good people.

This is why Habitually Good provides wellness essentials you actually want to use from day to day. Let’s make these habits as easy as possible.

Let’s normalize wellness for us.

Stay tuned for all the wellness goodies we're putting together for you. Trust, we're just getting started.